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Top Gardening Tips For A Healthy and Productive Garden

Gardening is always a good hobby for anyone to take; it’s not only enjoyable but also very rewarding. In addition, you can also burn some extra calories from gardening. If you are looking to plant some beautiful flowers or delicious produce, you are at the right place. In this brief article, I will bring you up to speed with top gardening tips for a healthy and productive garden.

Best Gardening Tips

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Tip #1. Go Organic – Have a compost Bin

For the perfect garden, always make organic choices for all your gardening needs. Start by making compost manure, which can be made from anything including kitchen remains yard and gardening debris. Spread the compost on your garden, and then plow the land mixing the soil and manure. This helps aerate the soil and improve its structure. In addition, you can also use compost to top dress your plants.

The advantage of using compost manure on the garden is that it not only helps restore the soil’s life but also prevents it from being destroyed by dangerous chemicals.

Tip #2. Timing is everything!

If you want to be a gardening expert, you not only need to plant the right type of plant for the soil, but you also have to plan the right time for planting. Before planting, test the soils pH levels and make sure it’s conducive for the plants you want to grow. If the pH is right, proceed to plant the crops. However, make sure that you plant at the right time. Be sure to check the seeds’ information, note the time it takes to mature and time yourself when you want to harvest.

Tip #3. Do not forget to Mulch

It’s vital to have a water source near your garden. But, it is even more important to ensure the plants absorb enough water. Mulching is a great way to ensure that your plants absorb enough water. It not only helps prevent soil erosion when irrigating but also help keep moisture in the soil for longer hours. The best mulches to use are those made from large and small particles, as it allows moisture and oxygen to penetrate easily to the plant roots.

Tip #4. Well watered

Make sure that you give your young plants enough water, but avoid wetting its leaves. This is because wet leaves are the leading cause of most plant diseases and they also cause the leaves to rot or grow molds. As your seedlings grow, remember to use the rule of thumb when watering them, “give the plants an inch of water every week”. You do not want the ground to dry up and look like its got a case of the African touch.

Tip #5. Maintenance

Trim and prune – Trimming and pruning your plants has a lot of importance including allowing adequate air circulation, improving plant spacing, reducing competition for sunlight and so on. Also, this maintenance practice means fewer leaves for you to spill water on.

Weeding – From tip #1, remember to keep it organic. Avoid using chemicals to control weeds in your garden. You can uproot the unwanted weeds or put down weed-suppressant membranes in your garden borders.

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